Storyteller & Author

Benjamin Bright


    When I think back on everything that I’ve done and seen, the world is a very different place than I thought it was as a child.

    Back then it was so big it took forever to walk to the store, running to my friends to watch Tarzan and the new Star Trek. We ran in the forest, swam in the river, built forts and caught tadpoles in the duck pond. We wondered through time exploring Castle’s, Stonehenge, Scottish Loch’s, the Welsh coast’s, The Channel and Scilly Islands.

    Then my family moved to Canada in 1969. As we flew over the Atlantic I started to realize how big the world was...I understood how different it could be as we drove from coast to coast across our new home.

    One day...I ventured forth and the adventure started...

After many years and working many jobs, I wrote a series of short stories and published “Nigel Pluckrose; Please Sit Down”. While having a coffee one day I met Nancy Vermond who was forming The St Marys Storytelling Festival, “Once Upon A Thames” and Gail Fricker from Stratford. They introduced me to storytelling and I was hooked.

Today I tell stories of all kinds. Some are my own, some are old, some are borrowed (with permission) but all are wonderful.

Promoting literacy in schools lets me tell stories, teach workshops, inspire youth and then we play, play, play.

Over 5,000 students have tried “The Experiment” over the years and only 3 have succeeded but they do love to try.

Now I’m going to learn more, tell more and play more...come on along!

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

“I believe that if you can read and write, you can do anything you want, I know ‘cause I’m living proof!”